Resco Inspections is a solution that allows you to shape every step of your field inspection process: Create custom questionnaires, dynamic forms, surveys and more. Make inspections more effective for your field staff and analyze collected data afterwards – all with one solution

Break free from paper, evolve your data collection

Digitize all inspection forms, checklists, and reports using a powerful Designer with 100+ features. Save costs and help the environment by going paperless.

Stay in control of your team

Schedule tasks with a simple drag and drop system. Reach peak efficiency with automated workflow processes, location monitoring, and real-time alerts.

Get more done with less errors with a customizable app

The mobile inspection app will become the universal tool for your team. Collect information faster, with less errors. Generate reports within seconds and sign them digitally, even offline.

Instant data, immediate alerts

Get all data in real-time. See the big picture in dashboards, set up alerts on important issues. Browse through reports and export results to reporting tools



Get a quick overview of the most important functionalities and newest features for mobile inspection forms.

Questionnaire Designer

Evolve your forms with Inspections Form Designer
Digitizing your paperwork couldn’t be easier with our intuitive drag-and-drop form designer. Evolve your inspection forms with hundreds of advanced features.

Get rid of paper forever. Digitize your forms and checklists with the powerful Inspections Form Designer. Add rich data, update with just a few clicks:
Multiple language versions
Offline support for          DocuSign’s eSignature
Simple drag-and-drop interface
Ask any type of question, give any type of answer
Custom business logic rules


Drag & Drop Designer

Digitizing your paperwork will become a matter of minutes with the simple drag-and drop UI. All inspection checklists are fully customizable.

Smarter forms with rich data

Add rich data to your forms to highlight issues by uploading images or videos. Tag photos or use AI image recognition.

Multimedia upload

Add images, sound or photos to your forms, edit them to highlight problems.

AI Image Recognition

Use AI to automatically recognize parts and objects.

Photo tagging

Add tags to images to comment or add questions.

Custom business logic

Show questions based on previous answers, add validations, apply conditional styling, etc.


Define, manage and quickly reuse common sections in your forms, including corresponding logic

Pre-filled answers

Reuse previously collected answers as default answers in future forms to speed up field work


Need to go back to a previous version of your form? Create versions of the same form and track all your changes

Question Scoring

Add different weight to your questions by assigning a score. Question scoring will help you discover irregularities faster and you will get a quicker overview of issues that matter to you.

Manager Tools

Use Resco Inspections to manage your team efficiently. Schedule tasks, track progress, measure performance time:
Manager Experience UI
Simple drag-and-drop task manager
Result viewer
Scheduling rules, auto-scheduling

Manager Experience

The new Manager Experience interface is your personalized control center where you can manage your team, see all data, and browse through reports.

Auto-Scheduling. Scheduling rules

Use scheduling rules and auto-scheduling to set up the daily agenda more easily and create efficient workflows.

Result Viewer

View all filled out forms one by one, filter them by date, score or template. All forms are synced in real-time after they are filled out on the mobile app.

Inspections App

The Resco Inspections app will become the go-to tool for your staff. Filling out forms will be more enjoyable and much less prone to making unnecessary mistakes.

Use the mobile inspection app to collect data, perform inspections and create reports. Plan your work, have all documentation at hand:
Home screen editor
Offline functionality
Calendar, route planning
Code scanning
Image capture, photo tagging

A fully customizable experience

All forms created in the desktop Inspections Form Designer are immediately synced to the mobile app. Customize the look and feel with the new Home Screen Editor. Access all templates and completed questionnaires at any time.

See more with images

Add rich data to your forms to highlight issues by uploading images or videos. Tag photos or use AI image recognition.

Add images, sound or photos to your forms, edit them to mark problems.

Photo tagging
Add tags to images to comment or add questions.

AI image recognition
Use AI to automatically recognize parts and objects.

Generate reports on the spot

Generate reports within the mobile app immediately after completing an inspection checklist. Send a PDF version of the report to your client or supervisor within seconds.

Offline Functionality

Resco’s mobile inspection software is fully functional offline. Collect data anywhere in the world and sync later to upload to your account.

Code Scanning

Scan QR or barcodes with the camera of your device to input data or match with information from your database.

Digital Signature

Sign forms digitally in the Inspections app. Use the built-in Signature feature or integrate third-party solutions like DocuSign’s eSignature.

Organize Your Work

See all your assignments and daily agenda in the built-in calendar. Optimize your trips with the route planner.


AR Video Calls (Houston)

Consult your colleagues in the field over video calls. Use the augmented reality feature to highlight issues in real-time.

Data Tools

Receive all data in real-time. See the big picture dashboards, export raw data to analyze in any other tool:
Track duration
See data in visual dashboards
Generate custom reports
Export results, connect to tools like Power BI

Streamline your data collection with digital forms. See all results in dashboards, get automated alerts on issues that matter.


See all data from completed forms in a customizable dashboard. You can view all results immediately after syncing with the mobile forms, even in real-time. Select your data and visualize with the most suitable chart type.

Custom Reports

Create fully customizable reports that will include all answers, data, photos or signatures. You can generate reports on the spot from the Inspections app and send them as PDF to clients or supervisors.


Set up alerts based on specific answers, questionnaire scores, job completions and other events. Get notifications about inconsistencies or job progress in real-time.

Track duration

Track how much time it takes to fill out the form. Know how long it takes to perform a job and schedule the daily tasks more efficiently.

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